Owing to its interventions in participating districts, many previously unemployed persons and struggling business operators have witnessed tremendous improvement in their businesses and incomes. Below are some testimonials from REP clients about how the Programme is improving their living conditions:

The training in small business management and regular counselling services from the BAC have been of enormous benefits to my farming business. I am so much in-debted to REP.

Wisdom Sameha

Central Tongu

We use to employ different kinds of difficult methods in catching fish from the Volta River including going under the water to shoot arrows at big fishes. But thanks to the BAC, who trained us in aqua culture and helped us get this fish cages, fishing is now very easy for us.

Tadze Fish Farmers Association

South Tongu District

I used to help my mother in selling cooked rice and stew. The BAC gave me training in soap making and today life is good for me. Though I’m married, I do not worry my husband for chop money to cook food for the house. I am also able to save a lot more money.

Suweba Abdul Somed

West Mamprusi District

Through the REP Tradeshow, several of which I have attended, I have established many contacts. People come from different parts of Ghana to buy my flower pots. Business is very good now. I look forward to more support from the BAC to expand my business.

Stephen Bonney

South Tongu District