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Through REP’s interventions in the 161 districts, the livelihoods of many rural poor persons including women, youth and the vulnerable have been significantly improved. Here are a few:
Rural enterprises are making women agents of change in Ghana

Rural women are just as enterprising as their male counterparts, if given equal opportunity and tools. Through training and skills development, r...

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I am a better person now – Tiwaa’s fortunes increases by 1000% with REP Support

I am a better person now and I am sure you can see for yourself that life is okay for me. I may not be rich but at least my family is very happy now w...

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Happy to Stop Hawking – Mariama Mununi tells her story of how fate and REP helped her set up a micro industrial enterprise

Prior to her contact with the BAC, Mumuni Mariama, the proprietor of the Marimu Enterprise, earned a living from what has become known in Ghana as “...

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Transforming the livelihood of Rural Women, the experience of the Bongo-Soe Shea Pickers and Processors Cooperative.

Bongo-Soe Shea Pickers and Processors was formed as a co-operative on 28th March 1997. The group is divided into sub-groups with some being pickers, p...

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Restoring Shattered Dreams, the story of Prince Boateng

It was such sight to behold seeing little Prince Asamoah Boateng unscrew every bolt or screw, dismantle many basic gadgets or tools and later reassemb...

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Mawulolo expands her Oil Palm Processing Business with REP Support

38 year old Mawulolo Tsikplornu has been a REP client in the Obuasi Municipality since 2012, just some months after she had started an oil palm proces...

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