Goal & Objective

The goal of REP is to improve the livelihoods and increase the incomes of rural poor micro and small entrepreneurs. Its development objective is to increase the number of rural MSEs that generate profit, growth and employment opportunities.

To achieve the above goal and objective

REP targets at least 400,000 clients of which at least 50% will be women. This is expected to lead to the:

  • Generation of at least 100,000 additional jobs.
  • Establishment of 36,000 new businesses
  • Provision of direct skills training to about 30,320 apprentices and 30,320 master craft persons.
  • Disbursement of Rural Enterprises Development Fund (REDF) credit funds to 27,000 MSEs and
  • Provision of approximately 5,000 MSEs with the Matching Grant Fund, especially women groups and youth start-up enterprises.