Applicant Guide

Here is all you need to know about the REP ENABLE Youth 1D1F Initiative:

What is ENABLE Youth?

ENABLE is an acronym for Empowering Novel Agribusiness-Led Employment (ENABLE) for Youth.

It is an African Development Bank (AfDB) initiative to tackle graduate youth unemployment in 20 member countries including Ghana.

What is the REP ENABLE Youth 1D1F Programme?

The REP ENABLE Youth 1D1F Programme, is Ghana's version of the global ENABLE Youth initiative.

It is a national initiative to build the entrepreneurial capacities of youth tertiary graduates to uncover business opportunities in agro-processing.

As a sub-component of REP, the initiative builds on the GoG’s 10-point Agenda for Industrial Transformation, intended to position Ghana’s industrial landscaping around certain industrial patterns and products, including the One District One Factory (1D1F) initiative.

The 1D1F initiative is aimed at equipping and empowering communities to utilize their local resources in manufacturing products that are in high demand both locally and internationally. The policy aims to identify and create business opportunities in the districts by harnessing the strengths and resources of the locals through the use of efficient technologies.