Mawulolo expands her Oil Palm Processing Business with REP Support


38 year old Mawulolo Tsikplornu has been a REP client in the Obuasi Municipality since 2012, just some months after she had started an oil palm processing business. She has a sole proprietorship registered with the Registrar Generals Department as Mawulolo Dormenyo Enterprise.

Today Mawulolo produces quality zomi “a type of palm oil for human consumption” and different kinds of soap, thanks to REP. Mrs Tsikplornu started her business in 2012.

Mawulolo’s oil palm processing business was at the very tender stage when she met with the Obuasi Municipal BAC. She could only produce normal edible oil called  “ngo paa” in the local dialect. At the time, the BAC was preparing to hold an improved technology training in the production of palm oil, focusing on Zomi, industrial palm oil for soap making and packaging. Zomi is an improved edible oil for cooking, prepared with onions and ginger.  She saw the training as an opportunity to increase the quality of her products and grow her tender business. She therefore did not hesitate to grab the opportunity and would go on to use the knowledge gained right after the training.

Prior to her contact with the BAC, Mawulolo says she did not care so much about the quality of the palm fruits she used for her processing. A major lesson from the training was therefore the need to sort her palm fruits and used the quality ones for the edible oil, while using the unwholesome ones for the industrial oil for the soap making. She says her production level has since risen from 332 gallons of oil to 600 gallons of oil with an annual sales of between GH¢13,280 and GH¢36,000. Mawulolo attributes the increase in sales to the good quality products she is now selling to her customers.

Prior to the training she was using manual press to drain the juice from the digested fruits before boiling. However, due to the increase in demand for her palm oil following the training, it became evident that she needed to add some more equipment to her processing center. She approached the BAC which supported her to secure a ten thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢10,000) loan under the Export Development and Agriculture Investment Fund (EDAIF). She used the money to acquire a hydraulic palm processing press and palm fruit stripper. Mawulolo says the hydraulic press has reduced the drudgery associated with the manual press especially for her female workers. The dangers of using a cutlass to strip off palm fruits from the punch and using the hand to pick them has completely being removed with acquisition and use of the palm fruit stripper.

She’s also learnt how to produce soap from REP and uses some of the oil she produces to make soap. Her soap brand “Mawulolo soap is well known in the villages around the Obuasi Municipality. She has also ventured into the making of washing soap and bathing gel.

Mawulolo contribute significantly to improving the livelihood of her family.   “My standard of living has been improved this is evident by the acquisition of new household assets like television, refrigerator and cooking utensils. I am now in a position to sponsor my son’s education at the senior high school level without relying on my husband”.

She has six permanent workers and also engages part time workers when there is work overload.

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